I'm Sara Swink, a clay artist who makes human and animal figures with a psychological stance and a humorous edge. My love of clay began at the tender age of 8 with the encouragement of my next door neighbor, who planted the seed that clay was going to be very good for me. I believed her. In high school, we had a great ceramics program, where I learned to throw on the wheel and basic hand-building techniques. 

Fast forward to about 20 years later, when I returned to the clay, taking classes at Palo Alto Art Center. Then I took a workshop with Coeleen Kiebert, who answered a call in me to fuse art making and ceramics with psychology and inner work. In 2000 I began teaching her approach while simultaneously pursuing an academic art education at several institutions of higher learning in the SF Bay Area. 

In 2006 I moved to Oregon where I established Clay Circle Studio, teaching classes and workshops, and showing my work in U.S. galleries. 

My Wallies get gobbled up quickly, so if you'd like to stay informed about upcoming releases, please use the form below.

Visit my website, www.saraswink.com, to see new work and for more info, including links to videos, books, articles and an extensive archive of my work.

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